Clear-Ice Systems


Clear-Ice System

Ice Rink's Reverse Osmosis Water System Improves Ice Quality and Saves Energy



Clear-Ice Systems Provides consistent high quality water for ice making.

The Wood Bros system is specifically designed to provide high-quality water for the ice making industry. Benefits include increased ice clarity, low maintenance and higher surface temperatures.

Using state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology, our Wood Bros systems safely and economically demineralizes your flood water, substantially improving ice quality and reducing operating costs.

Ice resurfacing accounts for about 12% of the total refrigeration plant design load and operating cost. Using Clear-Ice water allows the facility to maintain higher ice surface temperatures and a thinner ice sheet, thereby
significantly reducing conductive load.

Keep ice temperature in check. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system removes impurities and leaves relatively pure water for ice making. Pure water creates a higher quality ice surface that reduces overall water consumption and maintenance costs. Pure water also requires less energy to freeze and allows the ice pad to constantly operate up to 4 degrees warmer than with the previous system Some rink operators keep the ice too cold.  Ideal ice surface temperature is 22 degrees for hockey and 25 degrees for skating.  Increaseing the ice temperature a single degree can save 6 percent annually in refrigeration costs.  Additional savings are possible by raising the temperature when the rink is unoccupied.  Controls can be programmed to do this and save 5 to 15 percent of annual refrigeration costs.

Reduce flood water temperature. For every degree rise in ice temperature there is an estimated saving in cooling costs of about 6%. Even the temperature of the Zamboni water has been reduced from 160 degrees to 110 degrees, further reducing energy costs.

Our Wood Bros systems removes impurities (minerals, organics) from the flood water, which leads to a "world class" sheet of ice. Demineralized water alone does not guarantee a better ice surface or lower operating costs. We complement this technology with the professional support of experienced engineers and ice makers. We work with and train your operators on how to properly utilize this equipment for an ice rink application.

Wood Bros- Water Treatment Package Includes:
• Pre-Treatment
• High Flow Membranes
• Ice Quality System
• Storage Tank
• Distribution System
• Skid Mount Package - (optional)

Key Benefits
• Potential energy savings dependent upon facility conditions.
• Speed skaters will experience improved times (i.e. lower co-efficient of friction)
• Hockey players will enjoy the harder, faster ice surface with less snow build-up
• Figure skaters will enjoy the improved ice texture and visibility of edged lines
• Lines and logos will be brighter and more visible due to superior ice clarity