Deionization (DI) Exchange Tank Regeneration Services

DI Regeneration is a great, cost-effective way to filter high volumes of water without chemicals.

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Our professional, factory-trained Deionization (DI) Regeneration service technicians will deliver tanks, install, and maintain your equipment. Wood Bros Industries delivers the highest quality product and services, backed by the most knowledgeable experts in the field. We will custom-design and configure any SDI system to meet your water purity requirements, flow rates, and budget.

Deionization (DI) is the process of removing dissolved impurities, or ions, from water. Ion exchange, the simplest method of DI, neutralizes ions and is good for removing concentrations of impurities.  Many water impurities are solid particles or dissolved salts. Mechanical filters can take out particulate, but the most practical and cost effective method to remove them in high volume is deionization.  It costs less to maintain, replace filters, repair, and is far more convienent to send off for Deionization Exchange Tank Regeneration, making it far more beneficial and affordable.  


The process of Service Deionization Regeneration (SDI) water treatment cleans and recharges the water tank in an economical and safer way for you to get consistent, high volume, pure water. This reliable system consists of activated carbon and ion exchange resin contained in portable tanks that are connected directly to your a water supply. In SDI systems, there are no filters, membranes, or chemicals to buy. This is why Industrial Deionization Regeneration has a lower operating cost and eliminates hazardous chemicals.


Service Deionization has no permanent water system installation, no harmful chemical handling, no waste neutralization or maintenance. Resins in the tanks exhaust, the tanks themselves are removed, regenerated, and replaced with ones that were recently regenerated. Regular DI Exchange Tank Regeneration extends the life of your system.  Depending on the size of your system, it may be need to be scheduled for regeneration once or twice a year.  DI Regeneration as needed helps provide you the constant supply of pure water without water cleaning chemicals, harsh soaps, or solvents being brought into your facility.


If your industry requires high volume water purification, in commercial or industrial use such as laboratories, medical facilities, pharmaceutical production facilities, hotels, schools, food and beverage processing plants, electronics manufacturing, and car washes (or wherever high volume pure water is needed) we can assure our Deionization Regeneration will guarantee you'll get the pure, clean water you need.

Deinonization Regeneration Process