Chlorine Pellet Droppers

Chlorine Pellet Droppers
Using a Well-Pro System - Using a pellet dropper correctly requires that you have the following:

a) Submersible well pump (a jet pump system cannot be used with a pellet dropper)
b) Six inch (or larger) diameter well casing
c) You are not drawing water from an underground stream. You don't want to chlorinate your neighbors wells - to check for this just pour a small amount of chlorine bleach into your well and see if you can detect the odor - if you can, then you should be OK with a pellet dropper.
d) Good access to your well head - a chlorine pellet dropper is installed right on your well head.

You may want to remove the chlorine from your water that is added by this process - consider adding an automatic backwashing carbon filter to your design. A carbon filter also removes any sediment formed in the chlorination process down to 20 microns automatically - Visit our Filters to view this product. A typical size for this application is a 1.5 cubic foot unit.

Safety Feature - Our version of the Well-Pro includes a safety feature that automatically shuts off the system if you well pump runs continuously for 15 minutes. Included!

Free Shipping - All standard CAI Technologies products are shipped direct to your door at no additional charge. Included!

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1045004 Well Pro Chlorinator 120 Volt
1045006 Well Pro Chlorinator 220 Volt