ROmate RO Storage Tanks

ROmate RO Storage Tanks

ROmate RO Starage Tanks

High-performance, high-value vessels for residential and light commercial reverse osmosis applications. Specifically designed for reverse osmosis systems, these small vessels offer big advantages over competitive tanks via 100% seamless, composite construction, and the ability to discharge in any position. ROmate vessels feature an 5-year warranty.


  • 100% seamless composite construction
  • Discharges in any position
  • Produced using NSF and/or FDA listed materials
  • Meets stringent US requirements for water components
  • Environmentally safe, 100% lead-free
  • Will not introduce chemicals or elements into water
  • Pre-installed inlet-outlet assembly: comes with system connections, saving time and money
  • Factory-backed 5-year warranty
  • Materials of construction - High density polyethylene inner liner
  • Fiberglass-wound and epoxy resin-sealed outer shell

Operating Parameters

  • Maximum operating pressure:
    • 125 psi (RO15-RO80)
    • 100 psi (RO4)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 120° F
Part # Description Inquiry for Product
CH30834-1 ROmate-15 (14.5 Gallon)
CH30839-1 ROmate-20 (19.8 Gallon)
CH30853-1 ROmate-30 (29.5 Gallon)
CH30865 ROmate-40 (40.3 Gallon)
CH31054 ROmate-80 (86.7 Gallon)