Male Elbows

Male Elbows
The Speedfit Secure range of fittings ensures a secure connection when adapting Speedfit Pipe or copper to threaded applications. Do not over-tighten the fitting. To lock pipe in place, push the pipe into the fitting and turn the nut clockwise. Should the need arise to release the pipe, turn the locking nut anti-clockwise, push the collet towards the fitting and pull the pipe to release.
Part # Manufacturer Description Inquiry for Product
235128 John Guest 1/4”QCX1/8” Male Elbow
235229 1/4”QCX1/4” Male Elbow
235330 1/4”QCX3/8” Male Elbow
235431 3/8”QCX1/4” Male Elbow
235532 3/8”QCX3/8” Male Elbow
235633 5/8”QCX1/2” Male Elbow
235129 1/4”QCX1/8” Male Elbow
235230 1/4”QCX1/4” Male Elbow
235331 1/4”QCX3/8” Male Elbow
235432 3/8”QCX1/4” Male Elbow
235533 3/8”QCX3/8” Male Elbow
235634 5/8”QCX1/2” Male Elbow