Male Adapters

Male Adapters
The Speedfit Secure range of fittings ensures a secure connection when adapting Speedfit Pipe or copper to threaded applications. To install, always use PTFE tape when preparing thread (refer to tape manufacturers recommendations), working up the full thread length. The fitting can be tightened using a spanner on the hexagon area at the middle of the component. Do not over-tighten the fitting. To lock pipe in place, push the pipe into the fitting and turn the nut clockwise. Should the need arise to release the pipe, turn the locking nut anti-clockwise, push the collet towards the fitting and pull the pipe to release.
Part # Description Inquiry for Product
230886 1/4”QCX1/8” Male Adapter
230987 1/4”QCX1/4” Male Adapter
231088 1/4”QCX3/8” Male Adapter
231189 3/8”QCX1/8” Male Adapter
231290 3/8”QCX1/4” Male Adapter
231391 3/8”QCX3/8” Male Adapter
231492 3/8”QCX1/2” Male Adapter
233512 3/8”QCX.83” Male Adapter
231593 1/2”QCX3/8” Male Adapter
231694 1/2”QCX1/2” Male Adapter
230867 1/4”QCX1/8” Male Adapter
230988 1/4”QCX1/4” Male Adapter
231089 1/4”QCX3/8” Male Adapter
231190 3/8”QCX1/8” Male Adapter
231291 3/8”QCX1/4” Male Adapter
231392 3/8”QCX3/8” Male Adapter
231493 3/8”QCX1/2” Male Adapter
233513 3/8”QCX.83” Male Adapter
231594 1/2”QCX3/8” Male Adapter
231695 1/2”QCX1/2” Male Adapter